Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home Based Business Opportunity Leads

If you are working on an SEO (search engine optimization) campaign to drive home based business opportunity leads to your web site, no doubt you have had to research SEO at some point in time to determine what it is you should be doing. This includes having predetermined knowledge as to what your domain name should be as well as coming up with keyword phrases you wish to target. Regardless whether you are new to this or somewhat experienced, the question always keeps coming up...

What is the most effective thing I should be doing to get my SERP's (search engine page rankings) to the top for my keywords?

I have read many an article, ebook, or blog postings about SEO and quite frankly, if you dig into this subject enough, you find out that many answers to that question will vary! It seems like there are so many SEO experts out there offering solutions through software or educational materials, it makes my head swim!

When I was completely new to SEO, I was getting my hands on everything I could perusing it all. I have to say, there is a lot more to this stuff than meets the eye.

Anyway, I found out the secret. As a matter of fact, there are two secrets you should know. Seldom are you told this.

The first secret is "hard work"!

There is just so much you need to know and do if you want to get high positions for your home based business opportunity leads. It is not an easy task. The thing is, I am often getting emails to "buy this or do that" and I will be on the front page in days or weeks. There is just no way for most keywords. There are numerous keywords and keyword phrases I "can" take a matter of fact, in days. that kind of traffic would I get from those words though? Not much if any at all! It just flat our takes time and hard work.

The second secret is really knowledge I want to pass to you.

There are those who will say you should concentrate on "this" or "that". For example, one person might tell you back links are the most important thing to obtain for SEO while someone else might suggest "page rank". I am here to tell you that...

Nobody knows!

Google and the other search engines keep their algorithms a secret from everyone. Not to mention, they are tweaked often, constantly changing in some small instances. They need to keep their algorithms a secret in order to keep a level playing field. Nobody knows or has the answers. The closest you will ever come to finding any answers is by reading the material that some of Google's engineers have out there on the internet.

If you do SEO though to drive home based business opportunity leads to your site, you are obtaining the highest quality of leads as these are people who have searched for what you have to offer!!

SEO is the way to go!

Jim Eberle is an independent marketer who does affiliate marketing as well as uses the Veretekk marketing system to generate leads for his own personal business opportunities. He is also affiliated with in which, as a team of like-minded network marketers, are combining their efforts to obtain high positions in the search engines for high level keyword phrases. The goal is for many people doing a little instead of several people doing a lot for search engine optimization in obtaining high level keyword phrases.

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happy new year :)

Endro.S said...

starting.. a new days.. a new life.. a new page in this new year..
wishing U happiness, good health, peace & prosperity..

kingaffiliates said...

Great information here. Thanks.

Hacking Holic said...

Hehehe google make my website usefull

PHPlist Hosting said...

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SEO Specialist said...

The only way to great SEO efforts is consistency and smart working, you need to keep doing off site seo once your site is ready with on-site seo. And there is no limit for off-site seo because you can go ahead with back-linking, social bookmarking, video sharing, forum posting, blog commenting and innumerable ways to get your site in top Google ranking.

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