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How To Make A Rubber Keychains

Talking about the keychain in the mind of the majority of the people will go on the material and the metal ring. In terms of the physical form of a keychain itself consists of a pendulum and the ring that will connect the hang keys ours.

Whether the benefits of this keychain? The key is of value, because the key is that we have access rights to enter something that we protect both the door to the house, car doors, cupboard doors, the door of the safe-deposit box, and so forth. Physical form of the key itself is very small and if we are not careful to save the most likely will be easily lost, and we find difficult. Therefore made a simple solution but the idea is very smart, was born keychain holder.

Keychain holder will be binding keys important property of our combined into one in the keyring has ditambahi with various pendulum. Pendulum is what helps to attract attention and found it easy to forget if we keep in the hit-table. With this ring then indirectly intuition will give power to the store owner to lock in and menggantungnya nails, etc.

How to find a unique hanger keychain? Many of the pendulum to be a keychain, ranging from metal, plastic, and wood. But do you ever think to have a keychain with a hanger made of rubber? Pendulum of this can be rubber designed in accordance with your wishes. As the form of a company logo, cartoons, writing your name, telephone number, printed embos arise.

My own experts, is a specialist manufacturer of rubber keychain can be designed in accordance with your order. How do I create a custom rubber keychain?

The process of making custom rubber keychain of us go through this a few steps.

First you can make settings in the first design of the graphic design computer files with the vectors. Once your design vectors fix the next step is to print in a copper plate that will be generated from the relief design of your image. Size in the copper plate should be 200% of actual size. Contours in the copper plate is produced from such processes eching with liquid chemicals and hot water, so that the parts that will want to make a blister and relief images.

Second, we must prepare aluminum metal plate thickness of about 1 cm and grafir machine. Molding is a flat aluminum engine that is done through grafir earlier with relief to the picture copper plate that has been created at the beginning. The process engine grafir is basically using the technique pantograf comparison with the 2 : 1. Molding master mold aluminum will be the actual size 100%.

Third, after Molding finished carved by machine grafir then the next step is to print on the rubber Molding is. Rubber raw material liquid is poured into molds Molding. Use colors that match your design, whether the color company logo or other image and text. Each color then pour one will need in the process of combustion temperature is hot enough to use the oven, about 5 minutes in the liquid rubber mold will be dry and ready for the next color is added, then more fuel to dry up all the holes Molding teris full accordance with the form of design that is expected.

Fourth, take the rubber is dry from the mold Molding. Add ring holder in the rubber balls. Rubber keychain so unique that you own the property. Not great enough?

What are the advantages of the use of rubber this material? In accordance with that are flexible and elastic then collide with the object if others will not scratch or damage the property. Resilient, not easily broken and durable and you can try to bites it :).

You are interested in rubber keychain with this and want to have it? Please fell free see the example only pictures that we make as reference material and ideas for your own here please don't hesitate to contact us at

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